We crave it; The most is the best.

We’ll be seeking attention

Until we approach death.

We want to be loved

More than the rest,

Putting relationships to the test,

Seeking the best in

A never-ending quest.

Until it works out, we hold our breath,

And if not, we quickly move onto the next.


My imagination thinks it’s doing me a favor,

Assigning you cameos in my dreams,

Perhaps to make up for your

Absent role in my reality.


Made Up.

Colors spread out on the counter

Velvet, gloss, matte and powder

But will you recognize your face

Come the end of happy hour?


Curling your lashes til they fall off,

Say you like how it makes you look soft,

But the persona disappears

Once you wash it all off.


Red is your favorite, a lip that’s daring,

But you’re prettiest on the nights you stop caring

What people think ― all that matters is you.

So ignore the mirror, you’re the only one staring.

Playing with Fire

We play with love like fire,

just waiting to get burned.

Turn to ash our desires,

set to flames our concerns.

We like to spread like wildfire

and watch each other squirm,

burn our hearts down to the wire.

Maybe one day we’ll learn


That playing with matches

can only mean danger,

especially when with

the heart of a stranger.


Everyone tells me to stop writing about you,

but they don’t know how difficult that is to do

when my vision is blurred with your silhouette.

Even the sky is the same color blue

of the very eyes that split me in two,

and in the end, writing is the recovery I get.

I guess this is a tunnel I’ll have to get through

with fingers crossed, hoping for you

to rid me of this burden I wish to forget,

because this passion would be the worst thing to lose.

And this is what happens

 when heartbreak’s your muse.

Strange Mornings

Strange mornings

When it’s a little too still and a little too quiet

After last night, when my heart threw a riot

And I roll onto your side ‘cause you’re not there to stop me

Tried to sell your “I love yous” but I wouldn’t buy it


Strange mornings

When the sun takes its time with its arrival,

The dark teaches my heart to fight for survival

I promised I’d never let it get this bad,

But what can I say? Love is a state of denial.


Red Light

You’re not looking

but you want to.

Silence wavers like the words

swinging their feet

over the edges of our tongues,

waiting for the chance to jump

into the silence we’ve been

forced to fill.

You’re scared to get too close

and cut your fingers

on my jagged edges.

I’m scared to stray too far

and see you shrink

from the horizon.

For once, I’m struggling for syllables

as we pull up

to the red light.

You open your mouth to speak,

but the fluorescence tells you

exactly what I want to:



I don’t remember what age I was

When I finally stopped needing

A tattered blanket next to me

In my bed to feel safe,

But then again, I don’t recall

When I started to need

A person’s warmth

On the pillow next to me

To feel the same way, either.

I’ll Be Fine

I stopped seeing your face

in the ones of strangers,

and began to see it

in the ones of those I love instead;

That is when it dawned on me

that I am surrounded by love

with enough volume

to fill the tiny space

you left empty.

– I’ll be fine




My writing is simply

A chaos of musings,

That of a woman who

Men deem confusing.


Maybe because I don’t always

Say what’s on my mind,

But maybe that is due

To the lack I have of time

To release my precious

Thoughts into the stifling air,

In the vague hopes that someone

Will at least pretend to care.


Someday, somewhere, someone

Is bound to understand,

But until then,


Independent I stand.