Expiration Dates.

I had a feeling your feelings

For me were too good to last

But I want to know when they

Started to fade, and how fast


Did pieces of me leave you

Every time you said goodbye?

Were they tucked into the bags

You packed, buried in your lies?


I tried to ignore the worries

Still left over from the past,

But too many times I’d broken

And they became my cast


I should have seen it coming

So it was less of a surprise

When your unsteady heart

Stopped beating for me,

Marking our demise.



Left me wondering why

The hardest thing for me

Was saying goodbye, while

The hardest thing for you

Was just telling me to




You loved me like the moon loves the sky

Too much and not enough at the same time

And every time your heart would wane

I felt my own drive me insane


But when it was full was the best part

You lit me up like the north star, and

Drowned all the clouds in your light

Giving darkness no chance to fight

For the attention of the sky at night

No one could stop you; you were too bright


Until the night, when the sky turned to gray

To welcome the dawn of another day

And suddenly you went away

Leaving the stars with no place to stay

And me, with not much else to say



I’ll probably love you too much

And not show it enough

I won’t say it out loud

But listen carefully


When I hum the tune of

Your favorite song

To complement the quiet

As we drive toward the beach

In the middle of the night


Listen when my breath

Slows down as it finds

A home on your chest

Syncing to the rhythm of yours

While I drift into dreams


Listen when I say your name

In a voice as soft as rose petals

Just because I like the sound

Of it rolling off my lips


I’ll probably love you too much

And not show it enough

I won’t say it out loud

So listen carefully


The photo is already torn

And it’s too late

To come running back

And attempt to

Repair with tape

So recycle the colored fibers

Of a love gone stale and


Turn it into film once more

A still life that waits

For vibrance again

By the next soul that braves

A step behind the lens


Was I not cool enough for you?

I’ve got a mind like January

Icy and unforgiving

Words that come out in

Breaths visible in the air

A heart that could freeze

Over in seconds

And shoulders so cold

They’re spiked with icicles

You want cool?

I’ll show you freezing

No More Poems About Eyes

If there’s one thing I’m sick of

It’s reading poems about

Some old lover’s eyes

Until my own start to burn

Write about how his thoughts

Drifted far beyond the bounds

Of the small town where you met

Write about the things he told you

The night you first got drunk

On more than just love

Write about how he crushed your soul

Just to save someone else’s

Only a few weeks later

There’s so much more

Than meets the eye

Than just the eyes themselves.


Ten and Two

Rip the band-aid off fast.

Say it and move on.

So I can, too.

He keeps his hands

Glued to ten and two,

Knuckles pale like our

Worried faces and the moon

That watches the slow unravel

Of a year’s worth of string,

Wound too tight to breathe.

Eyes that wander to anything

But each other’s,

Following the road that

Leads to nowhere

Though the view is glorious.

He thinks about the pain

That the words won’t ease.