Patience (Lack of)

A word of advice: do not skim over me

And assume you’ve learned

Everything you need to know, seen

All you need to see.

I am not your favorite book

For you to run your hand over my spine

Thinking you know me like that.

Do not abandon me on a shelf when

You think you’ve had enough,

To let me collect dust and fade in the light.

There are lines to read and lines to read between

That you must have skipped over,

For you’re missing half of the plot.

You don’t know the story

From merely reading the summary on the back,

You don’t get to fold over the pages

With only the prettiest words

Just so you can disregard the rest.

Do not just flip through

And think you know enough

To consider it your favorite,

When some of the pages have been

Stuck together the whole time,

Hiding perhaps the most beautiful lines of all.


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