The only other place besides your gentle hands

To store these tiny moments captured on film

Is the leather book taking refuge on my nightstand


Some rainy morning when I remember you’re away

I’ll be brave enough to open up the cover

And reminisce our timeline, from any given day


Photos of you, of me, of sunset and sunrise

Remnants of a romance brought to a halt

That pull the stray tears from my stubborn eyes


Staining your skin like the ink in your tattoos

Are the dates when the shutter clicked —

The only sense of permanence you choose


There are a few flaws; some photos are blurred

From moments too vibrant to pause and focus

Like a wine drunk “I love you” impulsively slurred


Perfect perspectives of stale moments passed

Haunting my memory longer than your kiss,

The only part about you that was made to last


But when I run out of pages to flip through

Is when I remember that the story is over,

No choice but to keep remembering you


Somewhere to turn, even if it’s just the pages

Of a scrapbook of our time — so short,

But the photos will last for ages.


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