It happened faster than I could react.

You cut me off before my heart could

Even reach its full speed,

Left me with flat tires and flat feelings,

Dented my optimism,

Set off airbags and alarms that I

Should Have Seen Coming.

I’ll admit,

I could have slowed down,

I should have slowed down;

A yellow light means Approach With Caution.

But I put my foot on the pedal

A little too hard,

A little too fast,

And sent my heart into a tailspin

As red lights begged me to stop,

Before it was Too Late.

Guardrails and stop signs and double white lines

Tried their best to save me, but you

Turned down the street

Too close to me

And now all I’m left with is a broken fantasy

Of what Could Have Been

And a bruised ego.

Next time my seatbelt will be a little too tight

Just In Case.


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