I could blame you for me, I could scream in your face

I could shout

For all that you’ve done incorrect

But at the end of the story on the last page, you will see

That you helped me resurrect

From the dark abyss of lonely boys and girls

And showed me the pallette of colors in the world

That I had never seen the sky painted in before


I had seen so many others take that all away,

Wash the color off the page

Hang it up on the wall and try to

Convince me

It was all the same


But you were the anchor that stayed all along

When you rubbed my arms, showed me the song

That played in your heart no matter

The volume of the minds around, told me you’d

Be with me wherever I heard the sound

Of that guitar that you strummed


Made me realize that my nineteenth year of life

Could be summed up by the

Words written on your palms

That could stroke the sky and grab the


A reparation

Of things once broken and lost and

Bring them down for me, small gifts

To show me you cared


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