Past, Meet Future

Someday years from now

You’re destined to hear

That familiar song on the radio

In the arms of

Someone Else

And still wonder

If he showed other girls

The same song he showed you

And rewrote the lyrics

For every pretty face

That heard it

Self Destruct (inspired by Morgan Parker)

I see it coming

But won’t wait for it to pass

For I lack the time and patience

My heart drops

Don’t do this

But I will anyway

Because something

In the hurt tells me it will be okay

So I press self destruct

And there it is

On the screen

Black and white and




I can’t look

But I can’t look away

Lungs collapse

Heart accelerates

But my mouth can’t find the brakes

Speeding for sure

But the limit

Does not exist

Like love and trust

And loss and forgetting





Sidewalk Cigarette

I hold the words between my teeth

I light the fire in my chest

I suck the good out of the bad

And hope time takes care of the rest

I close my eyes and breathe in deep

I stomp regret to the curb

Like a sidewalk cigarette


This is mourning

in the  morning.


When your pillow is streaked

With tainted tears

Waking up like you haven’t

Slept in years

You ignored all the warnings

Not to get near

Pulled him close anyway

Forgot about fear


Now there’s a price to pay

(Pretty high)

For everything you said

Last night

And even though you know

You’re right

Just let it go, not worth

The fight

Got a Light

“Got a light?”

Strangers would call

From the side of the street

We used to walk along.

And I’d always look up

At your face and think,

“This one’s all mine.”

Jack & Jill

Your love for me grew exponentially,

like the slopes of a mountain

I was not ready to climb yet.

While mine for you was a series of hills

that would make Jack and Jill

tremble with fear.

Slicked in tears, I fell down ―

but you never came



Playing with Fire

We play with love like fire,

waiting to get burned…

Turn to ash our desires,

set to flames our concerns.

We like to spread like wildfire

and watch each other squirm.

We burn our hearts down to the wire;

maybe one day we’ll learn

that playing with matches

can only mean danger,

especially when with

the heart of a stranger.



We crave it; The most is the best.

We’ll be seeking attention

Until we approach death.

We want to be loved

More than the rest,

Putting relationships to the test,

Seeking the best in

A never-ending quest.

Until it works out, we hold our breath,

And if not, we quickly move onto the next.


My imagination thinks it’s doing me a favor,

Assigning you cameos in my dreams,

Perhaps to make up for your

Absent role in my reality.


Made Up.

Colors spread out on the counter

Velvet, gloss, matte and powder

But will you recognize your face

Come the end of happy hour?


Curling your lashes til they fall off,

Say you like how it makes you look soft,

But the persona disappears

Once you wash it all off.


Red is your favorite, a lip that’s daring,

But you’re prettiest on the nights you stop caring

What people think ― all that matters is you.

So ignore the mirror, you’re the only one staring.